Early Morning Mirror


This painting captures beautiful morning light on my pond.  Below are my studies.  I tried toning the paper with 3 different colors and doing small studies to see which color I preferred.  I went with the lavender, which was I interesting because I would have guessed the orange or yellow orange would have been my preference.

Reflection on a Tx Pond

10″x8″ pastel on sanded paper.
This painting was a demo for a women’s group my mom has been part of since I was a little girl. After I painted the demo, they all got their hands dirty and discovered the artist inside of them. It was special for me to listen to their conversations formed by a lifetime of friendship.

Morning Light


I wonder if other children have to eat breakfast in the dark to fully appreciate the sun rising outside? Mine of course have known no other way, but now that summer is near, they usually miss the sunrise. As the days grow longer, there is even enough light to sneak in a painting before breakfast. This is my view from my kitchen sink.

Sunrise 24 August


Today is the last weekday I will have to savor the changing light in the mornings for a while. I love to sit with my coffee and watch the sun rise from my kitchen or back porch. Big giant pink sun peeking over the trees, and then the light show: pink, to peach, to yellow, and then to see what color blue the day will bring. Instead of savoring the light change, I painted fast this morning, for Monday will have me urging kids to stay on task and get out the door for school. Trying to capture the changing light, I was aware of how fast things change: the light of sunrise, or the growing up of kids. I am grateful that every now and then I can stop time and savor the moment.