2 thoughts on “Peaceful Lily

  1. I’ve followed your work for several years. I’ve especially enjoyed your travels lately of mountains, lakes and oceans, and the beautiful flowers! You have a gift! I would be interested if you decide to offer any more pastel classes. Do you work with oil pastels or the colored square chalks?

    1. Gail, thank you for your kind words. I work in soft pastels, or oil paint, but not oil pastels. I will be offering 3 pastel workshops this year. One is in September at Mo Ranch: https://www.moranch.org/attend-a-conference/adult-conferences/fall-painting-retreat/

      I will offer 2 more in the spring, one in North Texas, and one near New Ulm – dates to be set soon. I would love to have you in a workshop. You can always learn more on my website: https://julianacrownover.com/

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