4 thoughts on “Evening Primrose – Last Light

  1. Thanks for the beautiful series of Texas wildflowers – I looked forward to seeing each one. That said, I think this was my favorite – the delicate light just makes this one so peaceful.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. It is Queen Anne’s Lace time now. Yesterday, I drove past an old barn near my house and exclaimed “oh no!” My mini van got eerily quiet. Micah asked “what happened?” Noah knew, he replied “don’t you remember what that field looked like? It as covered in Queen Anne’s Lace, they were really tall and thousands of them. They must have mowed today.” I love that he knew without my telling him. He offered an alternate patch and gave me directions. Evening primrose is my second favorite. I love how delicate they are, and how they glow when the light is right.

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