8 thoughts on “Sunset on Gunstream Lake

  1. Oooo.. I like this one. I think I am going to have to remember this post in August when all I can envision is oppressive heat.. just looking at this would make me feel relaxed and cooler (and want bug spray.)

  2. How very beautiful. I can see as well as feel the peace and tranquility. I love this painting.

  3. Am I winning at the most comments? heh heh heh
    I do like this painting – calls up nostalgia of growing up on a lake.

  4. ITs been such a delightful year of enjoying your work with paintandsimple! We are headed to Ghost Ranch the first week in July, will you all be there? +peace, Elizabeth

  5. Juliana, This is beautiful! Would you like to sell it? If so, what size is it, and how much $?? Rick


  6. The pink makes this perfect; deeper on the lilies, a light blush in the sky! Thank you for painting!

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