The Golden Hour

I love that last hour before dark, when the sunlight slams into everything making it glow. There is something magical about that hour metaphorically too. If you are a procrastinator you know what I am talking about. There is nothing like the looming darkness of a deadline to causes you to write a brilliant paper. Sometimes it takes being conscious that the end is near to really notice things around you. The last hour of vacation is often more appreciated than the first. I wonder if we were able stay present to these ideas how much more we could enjoy our lives. So for those of us who rush around and forget to be present, stop and look up when the sun is hanging low and the light changes your perspective, and really soak it in.

Reading Tree

I love prairie flowers, and the way the change every few weeks. This composition was tricky with that one live oak tree, but what a lovely walk to such a beautiful reading spot. Spend a minute under that tree today when things get crazy.

Roadside Primrose

The evening primroses are in full bloom right now. I love how the light illuminates through their petals, almost making them glow. This hill was covered in them, almost like it had been painted pink. I included the highway below because it reminds me that there is beauty all around, even near noisy interstates.

Sunrise 12 May 2013

My mom reminded me of a mother’s day picnic we hosted a dozen years ago. I was pregnant with my first child. My mom came, and Matthew’s mom, and her mom. Many of our friends and their moms. As sort of a toast/ prayer we all shared what we loved about our own moms or being a mom. It was probably the best Mother’s Day celebration I have ever been too. I will put the question out there for all of you…what do you love about your mother, or being a mother?

I love the way my mom always made me feel like becoming and being a mom was the most important thing that ever happened to her. I never wondered if she would rather be doing something other than taking care of my brother and I…it was a great feeling. Thanks mom, I love you so much.

As for being a mother, I love it all: the work, the laughs, watching them grow up, watching them be kids….everything, everyday. Today my day started with time to paint, and a good strong cup of coffee. Followed by a BLT (my favorite breakfast) expertly made by my sons, on toast with extra tomatoes, and a presentation of very charming gifts made by my children. My favorite were the fill in the blank worksheets done at school. Number 11. on Micah’s worksheet said “What do you think your mom was like before she had children? His answer “very, very, VERY bored.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you, my wish for you is that you work be filled with meaning, and never leave you bored!