“Sip and See” was my Mom’s clever title for an art show/ sale that my parents generously hosted. We sipped on delicious wine from a local vineyard, and for the first time, I saw much of my art in one place…hundreds of pieces. I filled all of their wall space, and they made delicious food. Then I visited with old and new friends. I was touched by how many people followed my blog. It was a fun afternoon. As small as the Internet makes this world, it is still a big wide world when you meet outside of cyberland. I wish you all could have been here with me, and for those of you who were, thank you for your kind words and specific comments. It meant the world to me to hear what you liked about a piece, or what one reminded you of in your own memory or life.



6 thoughts on “Sip and See

  1. What fun, wish I could have popped in! Seeing it all up like that is fabulous, and glad you had a great turnout and feedback, way to go Julianna!

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