When we arrived the water was beautiful greens and blues, and glassy. Then the weather turned much colder, windier, and the crystal sea, turbid. Knowing that the beach can be cold this time of year we were armed with fleeces and sock hats. My parents gave everyone short wet suits for Christmas, so when the weather turned, we were ready. I watched my kids charge into the icy water and play delightedly for half an hour. They asked me to join them. I found my wetsuit in my art bag, and squeezed into it with considerably more effort than it took my 9 year old. I am almost embarrassed to admit that the wetsuit did not turn the water bathtub warm. Like my 0 degree north face backpacking sleeping bag, rather than conveying actual comfort it merely increases your chances of survival.

2 thoughts on “Brisk Day at the Beach

  1. Love your geographic description of the temperature. Your painting is beautiful. I love comparing it to Tuesday’s painting. Is it really the same area? How amazing that your colors reflect the temperature on the beach, in the water and also in the sky. Wonderful!

  2. thanks for continuing to use your paintings as foursquare and checking in w where you and are and what you’re up to. love staying connected w the crownovers this way.

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