Being a local artist in the community and having four children, I was of course asked to help come up with ideas for the auction at the Gala which raises funds for our school. It was fun to think of ideas that many children could work on bit by bit and produce something that someone would want to bid on. It was delightful and chaotic to work with the kids. All 4 canvases are 24″x30″. They were created with mixed media, and among the collage you can find: homework, math problems, rough draft essays, sheet music from band and choir.




8 thoughts on “Collaborative Art

  1. These are delightful, creative, and appealing. Not to mention meaningful in many ways. Thank you for your inspiration to the kids!

  2. I like the creativity in each! By the way, you should probably change your website to say “Daily pastel paintings and other artistic [or, creative] surprises …” Your creativity shows in your choice of subjects, your writings, selected writings from others, media other than pastels, etc. – each is interesting!

  3. WOW! what amazing pieces! I was also in charge of the class auction projects for my two sons’ classes…It’s a big job, and you did it well! I pinned the tree trunk one for future reference. SO cool!

    1. Thanks for the compliment. You could pull off another idea I had, because of your photography. Have a group of kids run with one arm up as if they are flying kites. Have some wear hats, and fun tutus etc. …then shoot into the sun, so they are silhouetted. Then cut and paste them (the old fashioned way), onto a canvas of mixed media that they created of sky and kites, you could even use real string or thread. Wish you we closer, let me know if you are ever in the lone star state.

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