The window’s curtain, lightly blown,
Reveals the lawn that’s newly mown.
But life is dark before my eyes,
For dead of night has swept the skies.

A sudden flash disturbs my sight –
From stillness comes a blink of light.
I grasp the door without a sound,
And step out on the dewy ground.

Across the yard, it zips around,
The firefly that I have found.
So silently I move along
To music of the cricket’s song.

I focus on my bright delight,
And lift my arm up to its height.
I’ve cupped my hands and soon it’s done.
I’ve caught the little ray of sun.

A rush of guilt envelops me,
For now the dark is all I see.
I peer inside my two cupped hands,
And there the sad, gray creature stands.

I part my hands and let it see.
It lights up just once more for me.
It spreads its wings so it may fly
And lifts itself into the sky.

I thrill to watch and see it go,
Happy knowing what I know:
That it will always, always fly.
My light and joy will never die.

-Julia Powers

8 thoughts on “Firefly

  1. Julia, you have truly captured the magic, in both paint and verse, of a child (or the child in all of us), when we see and are able to hold a firefly for a moment in the deep summer evenings. Thank you.

  2. Okay-this is my new favorite!!! I love the poem and the painting is magical!

    If you ever make a print of this or sell this painting please let me know!

    Robin Typos by my iPhone


  3. Is it just me, or as your work become much more vivid and powerful since you did that workshop earlier this summer? Maybe it’s just being at Ghost ranch, but It’s really fun to watch you make progress… I’m looking forward to seeing you guys at Church soon… Kevin

    Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2014 13:04:53 +0000 To: kevdodge@hotmail.com

    1. Julia, I hope you read the comments. I have had the pleasure of hearing many more about your poem in person. Your writing is fantastic. I would love to paint another poem…please send the next one my way, and keep writing.

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