I had ambitious plans to bring home a dozen paintings from this trip. I had slots for 12 wet paintings, and by George I intended to fill them! My last morning I rose in the dark to pack (for a few minutes). I had a very wise professor tell me in college “everything takes longer than you think”. As often as I repeat that phrase I often refuse to remember the lesson. I didn’t really have time to paint this, but as mothers with young children often do, I stretched time (and painted fast). It was a fun challenge to be painting number 12, and also use up all the leftover greys I had mixed during my week of painting.

Time granted me a nick of itself, and this painting turned out to be one of my favorites from my week.

5 thoughts on “Sunrise, Final Morning

  1. Loved all your paintings ! Glad you got to have this inspired fall break:0)
    It was like being there myself

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