My husband took our kids to the Blubonnet patch down the road from us for the afternoon.  It is a no brainer this time of year, the flowers are breathtaking, a literal sea of blue.  Our patch has a lovely walking path, and is usually equipped with a slew of photographers.  Our family finds watching photographers very amusing: mothers switching between threats and bribes, professionals dancing like apes.  People never fail to amaze us by the measures they go to make their photos special: moving an entire suite of living room furniture to the field of flowers, or turning a Shetland pony into a unicorn.
So, armed with a kite, soccer ball, and a very small bike my wonderful and clever husband passed an afternoon.  My 5 year old was not quite as excited to get off training wheels as her brothers, so the scenery and crowds were a perfect inspiration.  As my daughter caught on and starting riding on her own, he cheered and the crowds joined him: turning an ordinary right of passage into something quite memorable:

“Mommy I got off training wheels today, in a sea of bluebonnets, to a standing ovation!”

4 thoughts on “Sea of Blubonnets

  1. Both are great things to capture! That’s exactly what this year’s crop of bluebonnets look like – you nailed it.

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