Pastel on sanded paper 10″x8″

I just finished the Inka trek to Machu Pichu.  It took four days of hiking, with thousands of feet of elevation change.  We experienced breathtaking views, hot sun, pouring rain, wind, freezing clouds, archeological sites, and amazing floura and fauna.  Words and pictures can’t quite sum up the experience.  This painting is my first attempt at hinting at Inca ruins.  I wanted the effect of dabbing people into a beach, a few strokes without every complicated detail.

  I hiked to the top of that super steep mountain, Wina Pichu.  At the top I laid on my back and felt the earth, just as our guide told us to do.  On the way up it poured rain, and every now and then the clouds would part in and out giving us sneak peaks of the city of Machu Pichu below.  This morning I rested, and painted what I remember in hopes of capturing some of what I experienced.  

6 thoughts on “Wina Pichu: from memory and line drawing

  1. Absolutely majestic! I can just imagine you at one with God and the spirits of the Inca. God Speed your precious steps.

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