8″x10″ mixed media on paper

I have a very talented artist friend, named Helen, who has generously opened her studio and allowed me to explore acrylic abstracts and collage.  Working under her guidance has been fantastic because she is a wealth of knowledge of materials, technique, and design, AND she lets me play with all her cool stuff without my having to make a huge investment in a new medium.  

I started on a large sheet of paper and just played.

Then I cropped out a part I really liked.

It was really fun!  It was supposed to be an abstract, but an abstracted landscape magically appeared.

5 thoughts on “Fiery Sunset, Imagined

  1. that’s awesome!

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  2. Love it!

    We must be on a similar wave-length–one of my New Year plans is to go to the local Art Center for mixed media classes.

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