12″x18″ pastel on sanded paper

Queen Anne’s lace is all over fields and road sides where I live right now.  It is tall and willowy, and wild.  

I love painting in the middle of such fields.  Even when conditions are challenging.

Wind: check

Snakes: thankfully, not today

Chiggers: double check

7 thoughts on “Queen Anne’s Walk

  1. Another wonderful rendering! Keep ’em coming.

    And, be well,


    Lance C. Buhl

    701 King Farm Blvd. #501 Rockville, MD 20850

    cell 919 454 1122

  2. Your Queen Anne’s Lace are transcendentally lovely. I would love to have this painting greet me every morning, but only if I had the photo with it.

  3. I like how u used the word “walk”.

    I also like the humor about snakes and chiggers.

    When was the photo taken? Where was the photo taken?

    Love MC

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