8″x8″ oil on panel

Not pictured: a family picnicing and playing soccer in the field between me and the tree.  I belong to a soccer family, and a picnic family – their family made me so happy.  While I don’t really look like I might understand much spanish, I understand more than you might guess, and food and soccer are probably my spanish language strong points.  I listened, and they talked about me and my painting!  The family loved it, and discussed how much it looked like what I was painting.  They talked about artists they knew, and wondered if those people ever painted from life.  Then they sent a son to talk to me, and I did not confess I had been listening to them the whole time (perhaps they could tell by my head swollen from their kind words).  The same way the boys kicking a soccer ball and family picnicing had delighted me, my painting Plein Air had returned the favor.

It was a good day.

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