5″x7″ pastel on sanded paper

“If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.”  -Dolly Parton

It has been a rich week of painting, I am so grateful to be in Northern New Mexico.  I had amazing students this week in my pastel workshop at Ghost Ranch.  My students made me look capable by painting outstanding paintings.   I love when non-artists decide to pave a new road and do something they have always wanted to do: like become an artist.  I am grateful to be part of such journeys.

What road are you going to pave?

4 thoughts on “The Road you are Walking

  1. I can feel the dry air of northern NM as I look at this painting. Can’t wait to get there this summer!

  2. Adore this painting. Your skies speak millions.
    Could you please tell me your favorite sanded paper?

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