8″x10″ oil on panel

Christ in the Desert Abbey is one of my favorite places to be in this world.  I love to chant to Psalms with the monks, I love the gift of silence, and I love to paint the Canyon walls.

One the best field trips I take my workshops on is to the sacred place.  The guest master has been so kind to give my students a behind the scenes tour of the beautiful art and murals.  This trip we had the chance to share our day making art with one of the brothers who is also a painter.  The day was a gift, and I am grateful for it.

4 thoughts on “Sacred Canyon

  1. Enchanted with your painting, with the story, and with imagining the very special time you shared with so many.

  2. Thank you for posting Juliana, your painting is beautiful and powerful. Our day at the Monastery was so lovely, we had the very best class of incredible artists.

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