18″x24″ pastel in sanded board

Another great field trip with my class: Gregorian chanting, prayer, art tour, picnic, and painting.  It was a good day.

3 thoughts on “Desert Abbey

  1. Absolutely glorious painting, I can feel God’s presence. It is so truly beautiful Juliana.

  2. Ah, so many great memories you bring back to me, Juliana!…I was there in the summers of ’72 and ’73…and, though having been back there since, those times of great beauty, interior sculpting, and annealing shaped so very much of my being…
    Thank you sooo much for these gifts… (and the gifts of all your paintings, of course!). Someone who put me in touch with you and your work a few years back (friend, Martha Murchison) lives just down the street!

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