24″x48″ mixed media

These are my parents walking my daughter to school. They were crossing an intersection holding her hands, and the light and shadows were so beautiful. The stop signs and construction were not so beautiful. However, no one cared about the clutter, they had the hand of their youngest grand child, and she had their undivided attention, as her three older siblings had gone off to school. They all had two more miles to savor that sweetness of arm swinging, smiles, and stories. The rest of the world had disappeared for the three of them, they were: walking together.

As of TODAY my parents have been walking together 50 years! Congratulations Mom and Dad, HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY! I love you both. Thanks for all the support and love over the years.

*This painting is part of my “Walking to School Series”. To see this painting come see my one woman show at the Sunderman Gallery. There will be an opening reception 6-8pm, Thursday, September 13th. 5100 Ross Avenue, DALLAS,TX 75206. (These paintings are so much more interesting to see in real life. Four feet of painting reduced to a computer or Phone screen leaves out a lot of details)

2 thoughts on “Walking Together

  1. Julie, you are ultra-talented. I saw “Walking Together” when Judy Lucas forwarded it to me with a note. I had an immediate emotional reaction to the piece. After a glance at the three walking, I think I noticed Richard’s white hair first then the details of Merry and your daughter. What a powerful piece. They are special people.

    Mary Lynn Johnson

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