24″x18″ pastel on sanded paper

It was my honor to paint during the annual fundraising luncheon for Swim Across America, an amazing organization who, as they say, is “making waves to fight cancer.” Cancer has touched every branch of my family tree, and many of my dear friends. Today in a very small way, it felt good to work to raise funds toward finding cures. I am so proud to be working with Baylor Scott and White’s arts and medicine program. They are dedicated to healing the whole person, not just the body. A special thanks to Paula, who swam for me, and is beautiful inside and out.

That’s me painting during a fancy lunch with amazing speakers including leaders in cancer research, cancer survivors, and Olympic gold medalist swimmers!

5 thoughts on “Swim Across America

  1. Beautiful painting Juliana and a wonderful tribute for those who are fighting to cure cancer and those who have survived its devastation.

  2. Dear Juliana, Thank you for contributing your gifts and self in this way! I myself completed radiation one month ago, one of the luckiest of cancer patients…My breast tumor was found in my annual mammogram and, while it is the rapidly growing variety, they caught it early, at Stage 1a, with no lymph nodes involved. I’m doing some very intentional discernment on how to be involved in the future so I deeply appreciate your “outside the box” example. If you don’t know the work of my friend, Joan Drescher, you might enjoy Googling “Moon Balloon.” We met when I was the chaplain at Shiners Burns Hospital for Children in Boston and she presented a workshop at Mass General, where she was artist in residence.

    With blessings and love to you and your family, Jan Gough

    1. Jan, I am happy to hear things are as good as they can be if you have cancer. I will look forward to looking at Joan’s work. Prayers for a healthy body and spirit, and thank you for being a blessing in my life.

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