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That is the first word in the rule of St. Benedict.

To listen is a gift to share, and a gift to receive.

Upcoming Show!!!!

I starting installing my “walking to school” show yesterday! Like seeing your own children dressed for prom, I was delighted and overwhelmed to see 65 pieces of my art framed, away from my studio clutter, and properly lit. My village came to help me hang the show, and I am so grateful.

My van

My mom

My husband

My dad and my father in law

My oldest son (who put together the catalogue)

Not pictured were, my mother in law, and Evelyn the coordinator for the gallery.

My gratitude runs deep. Thank you for everyone who has helped make this dream a reality.

“Walking to School” September 13- October 28, 2018 Sunderman Gallery opening reception, Thursday September 13th 6-8pm. 5100 Ross Ave, Dallas, TX. The gallery is located inside St. Matthew’s Cathedral. I would to see you at the opening!

4 thoughts on “I’m Listening

  1. I enjoy your artwork! And I enjoyed your quote from Benedict today. By chance are you a Benedictine Oblate? I am and just thought I’d see if you were as well. Also, do you ever offer any pastel workshops?
    Judy Nolde
    Madison, WI

    1. Good guess! My husband is an oblate at Christ in the Desert Monastery, I keep the prayers but haven’t ever been officially initiated. Yes I teach pastel workshops! I am teaching one at Mo Ranch in a couple weeks, although it may be full. You can check, I have two coming up in 2019, one at my studio in TX in Feb, and one at Ghost Ranch in July. Check out my website for more info https://julianacrownover.com/

  2. THIS is awesome Juliana and Matt, CONGRATS!!!! Also the Swim across America one was neat too in front of a live audience!!! 😊

    Paul S. Terranova
    Austin, TX
    “Things that were hard to bear are sweet to remember.” -Seneca

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