60″x48″ mixed Media on stretched canvas

I never cease to be amazed at my children’s ability to wish and imagine. They don’t seem to be limited by reality, or practicality. For example, if you were to wake my youngest daughter up for school, on a regular Tuesday morning she would look up at you and smile “good morning. .” Then she would ask “what is for breakfast?” If I were to make a couple offers, they would be based out of limitations and practicality: what groceries we had in the kitchen, and how much time before school. I might offer “peanut butter toast or cereal?” If, however, I ask open ended “what would you like for breakfast?” she might answer “Eggs Benedict with fresh raspberries sounds good to me.” Practical limits vs. joyful desire. Here is where the magic happens, once named, wishes have a way of coming to fruition…I might pick up some Canadian bacon and English muffins at the market and then have a little “how to make hollandaise ” cooking activity for the kids after school, and by Thursday, a dream breakfast has become a reality. A reality that blesses our whole family.

It is much easier to complain, to say what you don’t want, than to name that which would fulfill your life. We too often forget to dream, to wish, and to think big. We keep limiting ourselves by what is practical.

In this painting, I love the tension between the backpack and the dandelion. Never forget that kids carry burdens too, in addition to books they carry anxieties, fear, and things we adults weigh them down with. We have the power to lighten our loads: we can wish, dream, and imagine – and then eggs Benedict and fresh raspberries may just be served on a regular Thursday morning before school.

What would our lives look like if we wished like our children?


“Walking to School” September 13- October 28, 2018 Sunderman Gallery. Opening reception, Thursday September 13th 6-8pm. 5100 Ross Ave, Dallas, TX. The gallery is located inside St. Matthew’s Cathedral. Learn more about the Cathedral Arts Program. I hope to see you tonight!

5 thoughts on “As You Wish

  1. Juliana, your art has found new horizons! Your new “mixed media” work is nothing less than groundbreaking! I’m in NM another few weeks, but will drop by the show as soon as I return home.
    As always,

  2. Love this painting so much and especially the thoughts you shared. You are such a talented, thoughtful, beautiful Being, Juliana. Have a wonderful opening this evening!

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