Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.

You have a grand vision, you can see it in your minds eye…and then reality sets in. Maybe you don’t have what it takes to complete your vision, maybe you don’t have: the time, the skills, or the funds to make your project come to fruition. Ok, if that vision is perfect, don’t let it fight good enough.

A few weeks ago I packed for two days out of town. I was going to be staying on a beautiful ranch with lots of time to plein air paint. I arrived, and realized that scratch in my throat was turning into the cold my son had just gotten over, and those storm clouds became VERY COLD RAIN. I packed everything I needed to plein air paint, I was going to capture rolling hills, black cows, and Post Oak Trees. That was perfect. I am hard core, but I couldn’t muster the energy to go out into the cold rain. Instead I painted some tiny 4″ squares of birds. Drawing birds is easy for me, they are fun to paint.

I was sick for almost two weeks (the longest I can ever remember), and I painted a lot of those little birds. I am better now, and those birds continue to delight me.

“Little Blue” – 4″ square oil on panel


That vision you made is in your head, it is t a real enemy. Don’t let it be the enemy of something else you could accomplish. Good is still good after all.

One thought on “Art Habit #1

  1. Thank you for the encouragement! I love your little birds. I haven’t done art in a few months and I ask Why? Lack of energy, setting up a space… it comes down to not making it a habit. Happy New Year my friend!

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