10″x8″ mixed media sketch

You know this feeling…waiting to hear. Perhaps it was a job interview or test result not a cast list you waited for, but the feeling is the same. I love how this image captures patient girls on the left and a warm hug on the right. It could have been a hug of condolence, or strength to read the names, or maybe even celebration. Next time you are waiting for big news, remember how important it is to have someone to hug when it comes, and invite someone to wait with you.

2 thoughts on “Call Back List

  1. HA! Yet another “handle”. How many more, can it be counted? I think not!
    Nice, Juliana. Nice…seems French..
    Best Wishes

  2. Fabulous, Juliana… both the art and the thought. I’m lucky… I have Henry. My husband is always quick to celebrate with words and hugs.

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