10″x8″ oil on panel

I have never painted cows before today, I decided “cow” intimidated me. So I painted shapes of light and dark in shadow and light. I carved legs out by painting grass around them. And in the end, I had something that, at least in context, reads as cow.

I have an oil painting class coming up where I am going to break down how to mix color, paint clouds, fields and flowers, and also horses and cows. You can learn more or sign up Here.

3 thoughts on “A Texas Field

  1. WOW!
    Years ago, Taos painter Walt Gonske went crazy and went crazy impressionist. I say crazy, but some of it I liked a lot. Lots of knife work. He’s returned now to more settled ways, though I don’t think as good as he was before his venture into impressionism. These cows remind me of some of his “crazy” work, and I like them very much. Try some knife, and also clouds here can be Colorado mountains. You’re amazing, Juliana!

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