10″x8″ oil on panel. Ghost Ranch, NM


This may be my favorite painting from the summer.

I made a goal to make 100 works of art over the summer. My count, as of yesterday, was 102. I finished one 60″x48″, more than a dozen 14″x11″ charcoal drawings, a single 20″x16″ mixed media, a few large 18″x24″ pastels, a handful of 5″x7″ pastels and the rest were small oils: 8″x10, 5″x7″, and my current favorite, small size, 4″x8″.

The themes I explored were: skies, Ghost Ranch, Cactus, sailboats, hummingbirds, and bees.

If you were wondering about what happened to all these paintings, many will be for sale at North Haven Garden’s holiday artists sale December 7th. It is in Dallas, TX. The sale is from 9-5, and I will have a booth set up in the classroom. I may also try to schedule a studio sale. I love to connect people with my art; I paint to be reminded of the beauty in the present moment. You can experience that too by viewing my art. If I ever post a painting you would like, they are almost always for sale. My small works are between $35 and $150.

I met my summer goal! Now, to set another one….

Please let me know what you think

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