14″x11″ pastel on sanded paper

They are all over the world, running, for their lives, holding on to what they can.

I have never seen a Christmas pageant that includes the part of the story where the wise men decide to go home another way, and King Herod, feeling threatened by a baby who may one day overpower him, has all the babies under the age of two killed in Bethlehem.

Yesterday was the feast of the Innocents. I remember them, and that poor mother, who traveled by foot and donkey 90 miles to fill out some government paperwork, then gave birth in a barn, and while there hosted King’s and dignitaries (yes I am sure it was an honor, but remembering my own days postpartum, the idea of this feels stressful to me) then she had to flee to Egypt to save her baby.

I painted this refugee as a mix of modern and ancient. She is Mary and a young Syrian mother. The background could be hills, or UN refugee tents. I painted her tired, panting, with cheeks flushed from the cold.

For the innocents who didn’t make it, and the ones still on the run, I remember you today.

5 thoughts on “Fleeing of the Innocents

  1. Love your thoughts of the real world, the harsh land, the cruel people, and the fears and pain of Mary’s time. Your painting shows it all. May you have a blessed year.

  2. Your words and painting are powerful!

    May the New Year be a freeing one for all of you. I’ll be praying for you as your oldest makes his way through such an important semester before graduation!-Cat Bucher

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