Pastel on paper. 20″x16″

Here is a close up of her muzzle. Mmmmmm, please enjoy all that color calorie free! Isn’t it yummy?

And here Daisy is in real life, she has long legs, one ear the crooks down, loves to run, play and snuggle. She has a big, deep bark. “What is she?” People keep asking me. “She is a dog” I think to myself, but I assume people mean what breed, so I reply “a shelter dog”. And although I was unable to satisfy their curiosity about her breed, people are unanimously delighted by that answer. “Oh good, wonderful, those are the best!”

Daisy is my first dog – ever. My daughter begged for one for a couple years. I assumed I would be doing the lion’s share of the work, like I did with her brother’s Ball Python a few years back. I am happy to report I am not. The kids have been amazing, and since they go to school. Daisy and I still have a special connection I am delighted with. She lays at my feet while I paint, keeps the kitchen floor clean while I cook, rides shot gun for short errands, and helps me walk the girls to school, and reminds me to take breaks and play during the day. The sunrise is a pretty good reward for an early morning potty break.

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