10″x8″ pastel on sanded paper
This train is how most people get to Machu Pichu.  We chose to do the 4 day Inka Trek instead.  We had a great view of the train and the Urabamba River from our trail.

5 thoughts on “Rio Urabamba

    1. If you paint in pastels, I highly recommend sanded paper. I prefer 400-600 grit. I also like to use a paper that will allow an under painting, of pastel washed with denatured alcohol.

      1. Uart paper is good, I also use wet dry sandpaper from the hardware store. If I am working 16×20 or larger, I use ampersand pastel board. Try sanded paper, you can layer 2-10 times more pastel than smooth paper. Good luck, and happy painting!

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