10″x8″ pastel on sanded paper

Like the women of Peru, I carried my babies and toddlers on my back. I shared this joy with my, now, closest friends.  The women sitting in this painting don’t have babies on their backs, but like many Peruvian women, continue to carry heavy loads on their backs long after their babies are off on their own.  

As I have just completed a long backpacking trip, I know exactly how delightful it is to offload something from your pack to someone who is capable of handling the extra weight.  As I painted this, I thought of my friends, and the loads they are currently carrying: a fight with cancer, a miscarriage, financial problems, and a long and varied list of problems from the babies fledged from our backpacks.  The hills we sit on to share our burdens usually look like cell phone calls, and shared loads always become easier to manage.

7 thoughts on “Old Friends, Heavy Loads

  1. Love the painting and insights. Thanks for sharing, and blessings of support and prayers to all of our loved ones in need!

  2. As soon as I saw this one, I thought about the stories they must have shared and loved it… then of course, I read your sentiments and the tears roll… thankful for the wonderful opportunity to have friends that you love so much that you hurt for them and with them.

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