7″x5″ oil painting on panel (primed with oil and sand underpainting)

It is HOT today, and the sun is bright, and my painting umbrella at home. To capture this beautiful cactus and limit my time getting baked, I used a panel with a busy underpainting, carving the cactus out with sky, and just adding a few shadows and strokes to complete the painting.

5 thoughts on “Cactus-noon

  1. Beautiful!! Also…are you teaching any classes this summer at GR? Hope your year’s been good – Patty (Marley’s mom)

    1. Hello Patty. I am not teaching at the ranch this summer. I am teaching out of my studio in Texas in April (4 day workshop), at Mo Ranch in September, and possibly Ghost Ranch (as an outside group) next October. Hope you are well. I have had a great year, and am enjoying a playfulness in my art as I used mixed media to work on a series of Lydia“walking to school”. Will you be at the ranch this summer?

      1. Yes, we are planning to go at some point this summer – we will miss you and all your family!! But it sounds like you have some great things going. I’d love to be able to take a workshop sometime!

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