10’x8′ oil on panel – Plein air Big Bend national park

More than a painting of a beautiful national park, this is a painting of friendship.  The guy who just had knee surgery needs his friend to cross the finish line tape as much as the guy running needs the support of his friends.   Those little dashes of color are friends waiting in the shade of the cottonwoods with their cooler and guitar to cheer on the first place runner of “Border to Badlands” 50 mile trail Run.   I am sitting just beyond them waiting for my runner, enjoying the fact that they brought a guitar and I have an afternoon to paint in the shade.

​Here is a short video of me adding the finish line flags and friends.  Just a few well placed strokes and a toothpick.  I know with a little suggestion (like the title of this painting) your imaginations will make sense of these dabs and dashes of color.

2 thoughts on “Finish Line Friends

  1. Beautiful!
    I know a winding-river place on the Chama where you have Alamos and River and rocky faces.
    Your work is so wonderful!

  2. That was so fantastically cool to watch! I love this painting, I love the process, I love the feelings and I love you!!

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