Today is a fresh start!

I have many take always from “Walking to School.” One is that I love working on a series. With the “what” to paint decided, I found the “how” was much more interesting to play with. Another take away is I plan to paint more big mixed media pieces. I broke all the rules I know about making art and just played with my mixed media pieces in “Walking to School”. It was so fun! I embraced the drips and runs, I used negative space as much as positive, and if it would make a mark on canvas – I used it. I love adding collage and letting it hide and seek its way into the painting. Confession: I LOVE to paste. (If only acrylic medium had that minty smell I remember Elmer’s paste having.)

I am going to teach a mixed media abstract figure class in November if it looks like fun you too. I have planned 2 days where I will provide all the materials, you just bring any collage items from your own history, and your sense of play and you leave with a couple finished 20″x16″ canvases. Don’t worry if you can’t draw, I will have figure templates you can work from, or you can send me images of people in your life and I will sketch them before the class starts. Learn more or sign up here. Just think what a cool Christmas gift it would be to make some original art for your child doing what they love! It could be your daughter dancing, or your son playing football, with their drawing, or practice schedule, or tickets collages underneath it all.

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