Do you look at my paintings and say to yourself “that looks like fun” Or “I wish I could do that” Or “one day, I am going to learn art”? Here is your chance! Sign up, and play! You can give yourself an early Christmas gift of time away while learning something new, have fun, AND create a couple more gifts in the process. The class is 2 days from 9:30-3:30. All materials provided, you will leave with 2 finished 16×20 gallery wrapped canvases. All levels are welcome!

Read what my students are saying

If you know someone who would love to do this, please forward this to them. Or better yet, invite them.

I always start my workshops by setting an intention for the class, and I ask every participant to do the same. Yesterday, one of my students said “I am here because I really wanted my mom to do this workshop.” At the end of the day, she greeted me smiling ear to ear “my mom is making art again, and I am so surprised, I LOVE it! This is something we will be able to do together!” They had found a new way to connect and be together.

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